The A.P. Anderson Award:

Each year the Center presents the A.P. Anderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Literature and the Arts in Minnesota.

award recipents

2013 Recipient Novelist Louise Erdich

Past recipients include:

Larry Yazzie, international, lecturer, educator, performer, and renowned Fancy Dancer

Lawrence Redmond and Sheila Smith, arts advocates

Emilie Buchwald, editor, publisher and writer

Jim Brandenburg, wildlife photographer

Warren MacKenzie, master potter

Lise Houlton, Artistic Director of Minnesota Dance TheatreĀ 

Philip Brunelle, conductor and choral scholar

Betsy Bowen, children's author and illustrator

Patricia Hampl, poet and memoirist

Siah Armajani, sculptor

Libby Larsen, composer

Joe Dowling, artistic director of the Guthrie TheaterĀ 

Robert Bly and William Duffy, founders of the Fifties Press