Azzah Sultan

Visual Arts – Mixed Media

New York, NY
August 2022

Born in Abu Dhabi, Azzah Sultan is a Malaysian native who grew up in Malaysia, Saudi, Finland, Bahrain and has spent six years living in America working on her artistic practice. Based in New York City, Azzah’s artistic practice blends performance and mixed-media to investigate personal experiences and explore various aspects of childhood nostalgia, materials of memorabilia, and familial ties. Her work strives to transcend the fallacy that Muslim women are oppressed by the nature of their religious customs. Her work also speaks on the issues about navigating her identity through culture and immigration.

At the Anderson Center, Azzah experimented with projection mapping, chroma keying and digital distortion. Using archived family footage and textiles, her work explored the fabrication of memory. On August 20, 2022 in the North Studios at the Anderson Center, Azzah opened her Video Production workspace to public, offering a Video Mapping & Keying presentation.