Clare Shearer

Literature- Nonfiction

Moscow, ID
May 2021

Clare Shearer is a creative non-fiction writer whose work has appeared in Issue Magazine and the Los Angeles Review of Books. She is currently an MFA candidate in nonfiction at the University of Idaho and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Fugue Journal.

At the Anderson Center, Clare revised and reformatted a book-length essay project that investigates the politics of girl-bodies and where they belong—in art, in landscape, in family, in religion, in medicine—and all of the mythologies that surround these structures. Her essays interrogate questions of personal agency, societal expectations, and the mechanics of self-surveillance, but also expand to fit the contours of her own life.

Clare led a writing workshop with students in Molly Sutton Kiefer’s Honors-10 classroom at Red Wing High School.