Davu Seru

Interdisciplinary, Performing Arts – Music/Composition, Literature – Non-Fiction

Saint Paul, MN
July 2022, 3 weeks
More at: davuseru.com

Davu Seru is a multidisciplinary artist and scholar based in Saint Paul. Since 1998 he has performed as a drummer and composer throughout the United States and France, for which he has received the prestigious McKnight Composer Award, Jerome Sound Artist/Composer Fellowship and commissions from institutions such as Walker Art Center. He participated in the Anderson Center Residency Program through an American Composers Forum McKnight Artist Fellowship. In addition to his musical pursuits, Davu is a published author and a professor of English and African American literature and culture at Hamline University.

At the Anderson Center, Davu is continued writing and research for his new book, to be published by Minnesota Historical Society Press in 2023, that examines the artistic practice and legacy of artist Seitu Ken Jones to tell the story of communities in Saint Paul. On July 20, 2022 he offered a talk and discussion at Goodhue County Historical Society called “Archiving History, Remembering Presence” that offered insight and perspective into his archival projects. The same presentation was also being offered at Universal Music Center on July 16, 2022