Dorsey Craft Olbrich

Literature – Poetry

Jacksonville, FL
May 2022, 2 weeks

Dorsey Craft Olbrich is a poet & educator from Jacksonville, FL. Her first collection, “Plunder,” won the May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize from Bauhan Publishing. Her poems have appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Massachusetts Review, Poetry Daily, Willow Springs, and elsewhere. She teaches at Florida State and serves as an Assistant Poetry Editor for AGNI Magazine.

At the Anderson Center, Dorsey drafted poems and conducted research for a manuscript exploring gun and hunting culture in the American South from a feminist perspective. The collection blends her personal experience growing up hunting doves and deer with broader stories, including those of women from history who used gun ownership to advance social justice and counter the oppressive forces of the patriarchy and white supremacy. During her two-week residency, Dorsey led a generative workshop with students at Tower View Alternative High School on persona, poetry and pop culture, developing an image, or sonnets or prose poems.