Elizabeth Weissberg

Literature – Non-Fiction

Rochester, MN
September 2022, one week

Elizabeth Wright Weissberg’s narrative nonfiction investigates questions of meaning and purpose. Her most recent writing explores these themes in the context of grief. Currently based in Rochester, Minnesota, she has worked as a reported essayist for Weave: The Social Fabric Project at The Aspen Institute and has been published by Thirty West, Soft Punk Magazine, Lens&pens, Teachers College Press, The Life Partners, and Wabi-Sabi Journeys. Elizabeth is a former Yale-China Teaching Fellow and AmeriCorps volunteer.

At the Anderson Center, Elizabeth revised a grief memoir about losing a partner to cancer. The guiding questions of the book’s narrative concern how to live, die, and grieve as a relatively young person. Elizabeth also advanced a new book project exploring the intersection of emotional wellbeing, pro-sociality, & sacred practices.