Isa Reyes

Interdisciplinary, Performing Arts – Music/Composition, Visual Arts

New York, NY
August 2022

New York City–based multidisciplinary artist Isa Reyes composes and performs music that blends R&B and indie pop to create a unique, atmospheric sound. Striving to reflect the places they’ve found home in, Isa makes music to connect, heal, and empower others, especially those who carry the weight of the past. Isa’s multidisciplinary practice is intertwined with my identity and an expression of the past, future, and present.

At the Anderson Center, Isa worked on developing a second EP titled GRAZE. The EP is a sonic and visual exploration of birth, loss, control, and production as they have been present in Isa’s life and collectively experienced as a society, especially as it relates to the current pandemic. On August 20, 2022 Isa led a Zine-Making workshop in the North Studios Courtyard at the Anderson Center. Attendees participated in activities and exercises that utilized multi-media techniques in order to create a zine centered on their individual inspirations are.