K.X. Song

Literature – Fiction, Children’s Lit

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
September 2022, two weeks

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, writer K.X. Song is a diaspora writer with roots in Hong Kong and Shanghai. K.X. is a Highlights Foundation Diversity fellow and a HG Wells Turnill Prize honoree. Her debut YA novel, “An Echo in the City,” will be published in Summer 2023 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Much of her work touches on themes of the Sino diaspora experience, as well as the shifting nature of memory and history.

At the Anderson Center, K.X. is continued to write her work-in-progress, “Sounds From a Mountain,” which aims to demonstrate the ways in which buried memories affect all of us in our present-day realities, whether we acknowledge them or not. During her residency, K.X. is visited a Red Wing High School classroom to teach a workshop on creative writing geared toward young adults, with a focus on YA fiction.