Kachina Yeager

Kachina Yeager head shot

Literature – Poetry

Minneapolis, MN
July 2024, two weeks

Poet Kachina Yeager attended through a fellowship with the University of Minnesota graduate writing program.

Yeager’s work is largely rooted in Dakota epistemologies, and is particularly concerned with ideas of multiplicity, circling/repetition/reflection, embodiment, and the more-than-human world. Her work is especially informed by the concept of kapemni (a twisting/warping), which is often referred to in Dakota cosmologies as a ‘portal’. It is represented in the two-dimensional as an hourglass shape, two triangles touching by the points, and is intended to be a visual representation of the “as above/so below” philosophy. This warping and reflecting is an invitation as much as it is a lens and tool, and is how she approaches poetics.

In addition to working on her collection of poetry Yeager lead a workshop in partnership with Lake City Area Arts Association on July 29, 2024.