Lily Jue Sheng

Visual Artist – Filmmaker

New York, NY
August 2022

Lily Jue Sheng is an artist/filmmaker based in New York City whose works spans moving image, collage, text, performance, and installation. Lily’s current work uses speech and writing to sort through the noise of language attrition, code-switching, and place attachment. Their recent screenings include: International Film Festival Rotterdam, Beijing International Short Film Festival, RIDM Montreal International Documentary Festival, and Winnipeg Underground Festival.

At the Anderson Center, Lily completed production and post-production work on Mazu, mid-length essay/experimental film that blends 2D collage animation with original footage, recordings and research conducted on a 2019 trip to Taiwan during the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage. On August 20, 2022, Lily offered a drop-in Collage workshop in the North Studios Courtyard. Lily facilitated different exercises and offer prompts as participants cut/blacked out images from miscellaneous magazines, books, and papers in order to patchwork and glue them into creative new arrangements.