Philip Paulus

Philip Paulus head shot


Salzburg, Austria
July 2024, four weeks

Painter Philip Paulus attended through the Salzburg – Minnesota Artist Exchange Program.

The graphic imagery of the Salzburg artist Philip Paulus calls for humorous reflection on perception and determinability in the game of meaning. The artist dissects and manipulates the image surfaces in colorful arrangements and thus explores plan construction methods of image spaces. Almost playfully, like colorful building blocks, the contoured image motifs, each clearly delimited from one another, fall into one another, differentiate themselves, approach each other and find their way in the surface. The geometric, linear and often silhouette-like shapes develop cheerful structures and are thus grouped into loosely content-forming image composites.

During his residency, Paulus hosted an open studio and public demonstrations at the Anderson Center on July 28th during the Red Wing Area Studio Tour.