for Outstanding Contributions to Literature and the Arts in Minnesota

The annual award is named for Dr. Alexander P. Anderson, who invented the process for creating Quaker Puffed Rice and Puffed Wheat cereals. An educator, botanist, writer and naturalist, Anderson built the Tower View Estate, which today is stewarded by the Anderson Center who operates the historic site as a hub to develop, foster and promote creative endeavors and the exchange of ideas.

2021 A.P. Anderson Award Ceremony

The 2021 award recipient, Ananya Chatterjea, was honored in the online ceremony embedded above on March 26. She is a dancer, choreographer, scholar and educator. “The Anderson is an interdisciplinary award,” she told MinnPost's Pamela Espeland in an interview. “Dancing, making dances and being a scholar of dance studies are all important to me. I refuse the binary where dancers can be entertainers or they can be thinkers. My thinking is powered by my dancing, and my dancing is powered by my critical analysis. I have aligned my balance with justice.”


AP Anderson Award 2018
Judy Onofrio

award recipients

2021 Ananya Chatterjea

2019 Mary Ann Grossmann

2018 Judy Onofrio

2017 Lou Bellamy

2016 Cynthia Gehrig

2015 Butch Thompson

2014 Kate DiCamillo

2013 Louise Erdrich

2012 Larry Yazzie

2011 Lawrence Redmond and
Sheila Smith

2010 Emilie Buchwald

2009 Kevin Kling

2008 Jim Brandenburg

2007 Warren MacKenzie

2006 Lise Houlton

2005 Phillip Brunelle

2004 Betsy Bowen

2003 Patricia Hampl

2002 Siah Armajani

2001 Libby Larsen

2000 Joe Dowling

1999 Robert Bly and
William Duffy