Rachel Collier

Visual Artist – Fabric

Minneapolis, MN
August 2022

Based in Minneapolis, interdisciplinary visual artist Rachel Collier utilizes the visual language of maps, topography, insets, picture-in-picture, scale and materiality, and radiant color to create abstract, large-scale, multidimensional paintings and wall rugs that evoke a sensation of calm buoyancy. Her work deftly navigates in-between spaces that point to a spectrum of possibility: the space between painting and sculpture, the space within a dialogue of opposing thoughts.

At the Anderson Center, Rachel combined drawing, painting, textile, and sculptural elements to create new work shown throughout 2022 and 2023. Rachel’s recent work aimedto convey confidence, eagerness, resilience. On August 20, 2022, in the North Studios at the Anderson Center, Rachel opened up her mixed-media fiber and painting studio to the public. She also offered a Needle Felting workshop where participants learned how to use wool roving as an alternative to paint.