Sara Stallard

Literature- creative nonfiction

Campbell, CA
June 2021

Sara Stallard loves art, books, cats, and urban landscapes. She drinks coffee, collects rocks, and goes hiking whenever she can. She taught HS English for 10 years and now serves as coordinator of education resources. As a Deaf writer, she explores how ASL influences her use of English. Notable works include her column, Coffee Shop Notes focusing on Deaf creativity, and “What That ASL Dialect?”
At the Anderson Center, Sara worked on “Cacoethes Scribendi: A Deaf Writer Growing Up, ” a project composed of 55 narrative sketches that show how rich the mental landscape of a Deaf person can be when literate from a very young age. Sara is also composing a series of anecdotes for a collection of cat stories designed to entertain Deaf readers in a form of English that resembles their conversational use of ASL.