Theo Baer

Performing Arts – Music / Composition

New York, NY
May 2022, 2 weeks

Brooklyn-based composer, performer and fabricator Theo Baer participated through a partnership with the Kinds of Kings composer collective’s Bouman Fellowship. His work is the result of a diverse musical upbringing and journey towards emotional healing as a black and trans artist. Currently he is most interested in the physical properties of sound, electronic hardware, and functional sustainable design. Theo often works with magnetic tape, analog synthesizers, and produces hand-drawn scores.

While in residence at the Anderson Center, Theo further explored the development of his personal creative process and realizing new material for a collection of pieces, including an album on New Amsterdam Records for his solo electronic project iT Boy. Theo’s Bouman Fellowship from Kinds of Kings included a commissioned piece set that premiered in a performance by violin duo The Furies at Monk Space in Los Angeles. During his residency he connected with students at Universal Music Center for a workshop around improvisation and composition.